Planning to study abroad

Hi there,
I have kind of a peculiar query… So the situation is I have done my masters and now currently working since 3 years in a media platform. So the thing is I am planning to do a masters in journalism from abroad and my academic history is not that good (bad in fact, very low scores).
So can you guys suggest me what should I do and how should I proceed. And Does it make any sense to pursue a journalism course abroad for masters? Will it give any momentum to my career?

Hi, interesting question and rather a tough one to respond.
Having a poor academic history is definitely an obstacle in studying in a abroad university. I can help you better If I can the idea of your academic history. Could your provide us with the complete details?

My profile:- 58%
MA (history): 54%
Working in a digital media company since three years
I want to pursue masters in Journalism