PhD outside India in Applied Sciences

Hello Ma’am
I just completed my Post Graduation in Biochemistry from Central University Haryana, I’m interested in doing my PhD outside the India , for which I’m looking to the countries where no language tests are mandatory.
Also suggest me some scholarship and how to apply for those.
Thank you

Hi Sheetal,
First of all, congratulations on completing your Post Graduation.
We are happy to know about your interest in doing a Ph.D. outside India, and we are here to help you out throughout the process.

Well, if you want to pursue your Ph.D. in top countries like UK, USA, or Canada. Here, the English proficiency test is mandatory for non-native English speakers.
On the other hand countries like Malaysia, Germany, and Norway might not require an English proficiency test. But for that also you need to check with the university. For example, I did research for the same at the University of Malaya, here I found out there is no requirement for the language test. Likewise, you can tell us your preferred country or university, we will help you out with an accurate answer.

For the scholarship, please open this blog to get a detailed answer.

We hope this answer will help you out, and please let us know for further assistance :grinning: