Penn state or Syracuse

MIS in Pennsylvania state university or MIS in Syracuse university?

Penn State versus Syracuse for MIS

If you have to choose between Penn State University and Syracuse University, your choice is challenging indeed. Both are great schools.

Penn State has 24 campuses all across Pennsylvania and your choice depends to a certain degree on which campus has been assigned to you. I suspect that you have been assigned the main campus which is called University College. The MIS degree is also offered at the Harrisburg campus and is a good program. On the other hand if it is Management Information Systems that you are targeting, the MIS degree program on the behrend campus is also a great option. MIS can mean two different things. They are, however, related degrees.

As I have mentioned in another post, Syracuse university is a great research school. Since it is not too far from NYC, you will have many networking and placement opportunities to explore. All degrees at Syracuse University are first rate.

I like Penn State over Syracuse because it has stronger brand recognition in the US in addition to excellent degree programs.


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Going by the overall QS Rankings, Pennsylvania State University (top 100) is ranking well above Syracuse University (500-600). But we have to consider the strength of the course as well. Pennsylvania State University offers a Management Information Systems (MIS) postgraduate degree. Syracuse offers MS in Information Systems.

The cost for the course at Syracuse University is approximately 50,000 US Dollars; while that for Pennsylvania State University is around 35,000 US Dollars. However, the MS-IS course at Syracuse is rated highly compared to the one at Pennsylvania University.

The MIS course at Syracuse University is regarded as one of the best MIS courses in the USA. The university has a good alumni base. The university offers courses in Data Analytics as well as in Information Security. The degree has a great value in the American market as well as in the global job market.

The university has a good teaching strength and faculty as well. So yes, Syracuse University for MIS over Penn State University.