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Are you among the ones who dream about settling in the United States of America? Today, there are a myriad reasons why millions of Indian students aspire to settle in the United States; commonly abbreviated as the US. The level of prosperity, freedom, transparency, infrastructure and medical care present in the US are among the incentives which lure them. And if you too are determined to settle there, we at GyanDhan are providing you with a step-by-step road map to do so:-

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How long does it take for the USCIS to process the application for the Green card?

What if somebody’s job ends on H1B visa, do they have to leave the country?

According to the USCIS, the application for a green card can take 7 months to 33 months to process.

To remain in the US legally, you will have to maintain the status of the visa, that is, stay working and get paid. If your job ends, you are not maintaining the status.
After which, you will get a 60-day grace period to either get another job, change your status, or depart the US. You will also have to actively look for a job, show that you have submitted applications, and are corresponding with prospective employers to get the full 60-day grace period.

For how long is the green card valid?

It depends on the type of Green Card that has been issued. Some Green Cards do not contain any expiration date. However, most are valid for 10 years.
If you have been issued a Conditional Green Card, then it is valid for 2 years.

What happens if a student with a F-1 visa is not selected in the H1B visa lottery?