Our series of AMA sessions with Sandeep Palaparthi

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Next in our series of AMA sessions is Sandeep Palaparthi - Sree Palaparthi - Instawork | LinkedIn who completed his Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science at Northeastern University will volunteer an hour to field your queries. Prior Northeastern University, Sandeep completed his BTech in Computer Science from Vignan’s Foundation for Science, Technology & Research, Guntur and has previously worked for Tata Consultancy Services as System Engineer. Currently, he is working for Drafted, Inc. as Software Engineer.

You can start asking your questions right away. Tune into this page at 7 pm on Friday 3rd of August to get your answers. See you then!

What benefit did you receive by doing a CO-OP in Drafted at Cambridge? How did you manage your time along with studies?

1.There is an option to select co-op in the US and abroad. Which one is more beneficial as I don’t have any job experience before.
2. Students are offered GA/TA after one semester.Does this experience help a lot when applying for full-time job.
3. There is an option in MS such as thesis/coursework only/project option. If I choose project option will that add some weightage to my CV.

Hi there, thanks for doing this. Should be quite helpful.

So, I’ll probably be applying for fall 2020.

  1. I wanted to know if getting a computer science degree with a specialization in Cyber security makes more sense or just a MS in Cyber security. If yes what is the difference.

  2. Is it true, it is difficult to get a job in the US, because security related degrees need a security clearance?

  3. How competitive is the NEU Cyber Security course. And any suggestions you might have for a person with a low CGPA, but a good GRE, TOEFL and a excellent profile.

  4. I have research experience, my papers have been accepted but not published yet, still under processing. Will the admission committee consider that?

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I think it’s a fantastic question. I would say it would make more sense but at the same time it is not a requirement. there are two positions in the Cyber Security domain when you start your career. The first one is a Security Engineer and the second one is Security Analyst. The position of Security Engineer require you to have some coding experience so that you can write your programs. So it will definitely help you if you want to be a Security Engineer and do things like that.
Not really. Only the government jobs which are with the US government, they require security clearance. Other than that very very few companies require security clearance. So it is not difficult to get a job in the US. And the employment rate in Cyber security is in negative, please search on internet, what does it mean to have negative unemployment rate in cyber security.
I would say its pretty competitive, unlike other courses, the CS are only 15, when I joined, there were only 35 students, now they have reached a number of 55. And the admission rate is around 20% as far as I know as I have worked as the professor on selecting. I would say it’s pretty difficult. Suggestions for a person with a low GPA but a good GRE, TOFEL. I think you should apply, we value a lot about the GRE and TOFEL and you have an excellent SOP and LOR that would be great. If your having low CGPA its fine but it should be somewhere above 6.5 or above, it’s the minimum criteria we follow.
Yes, you can definitely mention that you have done something apart from your studies that is not supposed to do in a day to day education but you did your part, which shows that your interested in doing some other things other than studies and your work.