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It’s 2020, and more than a billion persons worldwide are currently using eLearning platforms to further their learnings – ranging from school-age children to adult learners seeking constant upskilling over the course of their careers.  The number of ‘eLearners’ has steadily been on the rise since the turn of the 21st century, and the Covid-19 global emergency has given a boost to those numbers. Clearly, the world can’t stop turning – and we can’t stop learning! – even during a pandemic. This is a historic time, one of both chaos and continual adaptation and innovation, and our Online Training capabilities are case-in-point with regard to the latter. For those of you looking for IELTS Online Training in Bangalore or several other major language tests, or simply to improve your overall English language proficiency during this time, you can bet that Online Training is your best (and in several cases, only) option.

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