On which area I should aim for when applying?

Hey there! I'm gearing up for the fall semester at ASU in 2024 and diving into the on-campus housing options. The Tempe campus has a bunch of residence areas listed on the website, but it's a bit overwhelming. Anyone who's been there, mind breaking it down for me? Any suggestions on which area I should aim for when applying? Thanks a bunch!


Paseo On University, Fredrick and The Hyve apartments are the best ones when you are looking for accommodation near Tempe campus [East University Drive area]. All of these are less than 1 mile away from campus and just a 15 min walk. If you are looking for little less expensive one go for Paseo. Try to contact the apartments much earlier around June so that you can fix your move-in date for August. All the best !

There are many apartment complexes in this area and it’s pretty safe too. There are enough grocery and restaurant options as well.