New York Institute of Technology


In 1955, the New York Institute of Technology was founded as a private and non-profit educational institute for the students. The main emphasis of this institute is on technology and applied scientific research. For more information New York Institute of Technology Courses, Fee, Ranking & Admission | GyanDhan

What is the ranking of the New York Institute of Techology for masters programs? What are the job placement opportunities for masters?

NYIT is a good college…has good ranking as well. But there are better colleges are well. the job opportunities are good because of the proximity to NY and you will be able to get a job with good networking.
What course are you going for…maybe there are better universities for it.

I am going for cybersecurity.
Do they offer any scholarships? 'what other universities would you suggest for ut?

My GPA is 6.9 with three years of experience in data science, the GPA is on the lower end so can I get into NYIT?

It might be difficult for you to get admission into NYIT with a 6.9 GPA. The admission requirements for the course state that undergrad GPA should be above 2.85 on a 4.0 scale. Your 6.9 is equal/closer to 2.7 on a 4.0 scale. You may get admission conditionally at the program director’s discretion.

Should I look into other colleges?

Please suggest me some scholarships?

I am not sure about scholarships. This you can check on the university website. since its a private university, Im guessing they will give scholarships to international students. For cybersecurity, you can check out Purdue, Syracuse, USC - San Diego, Drexel, University of Maryland. They have good cybersecurity programs.

Hey @tare,
you definitely should look into other colleges. granted your GPA is low but you have three years of work experience that can work in your favor if you play it right. Focus more on what worked for you during your professional stint and try to compensate the low GPA. You can also get a 320+ GRE score and apply to better colleges.

Thank you for your reply. what colleges you would suggest for my profile?

I would need more details to suggest you universities, mainly because your GPA is low. Have you given GRE? TOEFL?

Hi @tare,
You can also check your admission chances with GyanDhan’s Admit predictor.

Hope this helps!