New Vaccination Guidelines for individuals traveling abroad

The Government of India issued new guidelines for individuals who are planning to travel abroad - for education, work, or as a part of the Tokyo Olympics. The announcement was made on 7th June 2021.

The details of the SOPs for vaccination are as follows -

  • Individuals who need to undertake international travel can get the second dose of the vaccine early if the travel date falls before the period of the 84-day gap. Currently, the recommended period of the gap is at least 6 to 12 weeks (84 days).

  • CoWin certificates of such travelers will be linked to their passports.

  • It is advised that such individuals should avail of the vaccination through passport, which is a permissible identification document as per the current guidelines. The Passport number will be printed on the vaccination certificate as proof of vaccination.

  • If the passport was not used as a photo ID to administer the first dose, individuals can apply for a separate certificate to link both.

  • States and Union Territories will designate competent authorities to issue another certificate linking the vaccination certificate with the passport.

  • Covishield is one of the vaccines approved by the WHO for international travel. The simple mention of the type of vaccine as “Covishield” is sufficient and “no other qualifying entries are required”.

Eligibility to get the second dose early -

  1. 28 days must have elapsed after the first dose,
  2. Individuals must have a genuine reason to the dose early, such as, in the case of the students who need to submit travel documents.

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