New student here, looking for places to hangout

Hey! I’m an international student who just started at ASU this spring. Finding it a bit tough to meet new people and feeling a bit shy about starting conversations. Any advice on making friends, or if anyone wants to, feel free to reach out! Maybe we could hang out! :blush:

Hey , initially even I had the same issue but I did few things here -

  1. join university events and programs take part in those activities where you meet many students from different parts of the world .
  2. join a social group or activity through facebook or online search there are many events happening in your city . I join a social group and we all play volleyball and met many new people.
  3. join some co-curriculum activities like guitar , any sport where you can share your activities and knowledge in same field .

I hope I replied your query .

Advice on making new friends. Try to attend International events especially events like Bollywood nights, festival events and also you can meet and chat with many people in sdfc fields and join them in any game. Hope this helps. :innocent: