NEU grad student in need of advice!

Does a master’s from Northeastern even hold any value, especially if it’s from CPS? I feel like CPS is nothing but a cash cow - there are literally ZERO opportunities for research, career services does nothing for us, and to paraphrase (anonymously) someone who is familiar with the internal admissions process, “CPS just wants the numbers,” so there’s practically zero selectivity. To be fair, there are some very solid faculty with tons of great experience, but I just get the vibe that CPS is a total afterthought for the university.

I feel like I made a massive mistake turning down offers from far more prestigious schools for NEU just because it was logistically easier and more affordable. I’ve spent the past year applying for internships and jobs, and seriously haven’t gotten to even a single interview round (this is with a 3.97 GPA and 3.77 UGPA from a top flagship state school). Is it just the job market right now, or does a master’s from NEU just have zero clout outside of Khoury?