Need Urgent Guidance On Deferring And Admissions

I am sorry to start with a rant, but UTD is so bad at management and providing correct information to students. I am really disappointed with how they handle new or incoming transfer students.

So my situation is that I am an International Transfer student who was previously at Arizona State University and transferred to UTD this Summer 24. But looking at how much it costs for summer classes, and my family being on tight budget, while only getting so low credits, I decided to see if I could defer my transfer from Summer 24 to Fall 24.

On the Defer Request Form, it states that if I want to defer to next semester, I will have to drop all my classes and email the Registrar’s office.

When I contacted the registrar’s office, (not just one time, but 3 times to make sure everything would be fine); they told me that yes, there would literally be no problem and since it was just the first week, they would also remove all the charges.

I was ecstatic and after talking with my advisor, I decided to email the registrar and admissions dropped my classes, and decided to apply for Deferring to Fall 24.


I was told suddenly that I could not defer, I would also have to apply for admission again, (they will waive my admission fee). AND the deadline for Fall 24 admission has already passed!!!


They didn’t tell me about it in email, or in the call (I asked mosg questions on call and only asked for getting drop and also specified that I’m a new transfer student but they didn’t even warn me at all!). They didn’t warn me; And I was also misinformed that I would not have to apply for admission again…

Now I have to do so much stuff… Like why would they do it to students? I have to now run to every single place, call so many departments, and email while wasting literal days!

Hey, what happened with you is not done and should be taken seriously by the university.

I will suggest you visit the university, book an appointment with the registrar’s office for in personal meeting, and have a word with them again on the complete situation here, also try to loop in your program director in every email.

If the admission of fall 24 stands close then the nearest option for you is spring intake, what has happened cannot be changed but I will suggest you meet with them and try to sort this out ASAP as not just the admission even the visa status is at stake.

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Thank you for your help!

I’ve contacted Admissions and have applied for Spring 25 for now. I am just so confused on how they can mess this situation so much up.

Moreover the person at Call center told me that there won’t be any problem as long as I email the Registrar and Admissions beforehand and they didn’t even notify me that it will result in me having to apply again.

This was really disappointing to be honest.