Need suggestions in choosing classes for my difference and diversity classes

Hey everyone!

I’m picking classes for next year and need to pick one for my difference and diversity requirement. Thinking about doing it online to keep things simple. I’m looking at SOCL 1101 (Intro to Sociology) and PHIL 1260 (Apocalypticism in Film). My roommate is doing SOCL 1101 online and says it’s pretty easy, with just a bit of writing each week. But, I’m also interested in PHIL 1260 because it involves watching movies, though I’ve read it can be a bit boring for the other parts. What do you guys think? Any advice?

I totally enjoyed SOCL 1101 online! It was a breeze with just a couple of online tests (no strict monitoring) and some group stuff, which was pretty chill. The weekly readings were a bit of a drag, but to be honest, you could easily skip them. I was tossing up between this and PHIL 1260, but a friend who took that ended up with a movie to watch every week and tons of essays to write, so I went with SOCL 1101. It just matched my vibe better.