Need suggestions from someone who did masters in BA

Are There Any Business Analytics Master's Graduates Here? If Yes, Are You Satisfied? Was It Worth It? Would You Recommend It?

Econ graduate turned Business Analytics master here. The program was intense, but I can’t comprehend the hate BA programs receive. Thanks to it, I’m more math-savvy than many data scientists. Now a data scientist for a Fortune 100 company.

Degrees aren’t everything. It’s about putting in the work, mastering technical solutions, and uncovering opportunities that drive business revenue. If you can do that, you’re golden.

I knew someone who earned a Masters in Business Analytics.

I had to carry them through their job for the first 5 months. They still couldn’t build out a Tableau dashboard from scratch and didn’t develop an intuition on data manipulation during that time.

It’s worthless as far as I can tell.

well, despite holding an MSBA, I find it falls short for data science. Additional work beyond the program is essential. Some classmates transitioned to data science roles but had to put extra effort into advanced modeling. The program covers modeling basics, providing a foundational knowledge base. Success as a data scientist may require a more comprehensive skill set than the MSBA program provides.