Need some insights!

Hey, thinking about heading to Cleveland State University for my next chapter. Anyone got insights on their programs or what campus life is like?

Hi! My cousin studied there and really loved the community vibe. The campus is lively with lots of activities going on.

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Did you get in?

I have been accepted to some colleges, but one of my friend’s cousin is in CSU. So he suggested me this one.

I've been there a few times for events. It's a pretty compact campus, easy to get around, but just a heads-up, parking can be tricky!
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Also, did your cousin say anything about the quality of the courses or the faculty?
Yes, he was in engineering and mentioned that the faculty are very supportive and focus a lot on practical skills, which really helped him in his internships.

Have you thought about the winters? They can be pretty harsh if you’re not used to them. :snowflake:

Are you trying to scare me @spicyketchup :joy::joy::joy:

I guess I'll be investing in a good winter coat if that's the case! 😄 Did you get a chance to check out any of their facilities during your visits?
Oh, and the wind! It can make it feel even colder.
Definitely. Their new student center is awesome—lots of space to relax and study. They’ve also upgraded the library recently. It’s very modern and well-equipped.

Just telling you the reality of the situation :joy::rofl::rofl:

Sounds good! I’m also weighing up living options. Any thoughts on on-campus vs off-campus housing?


My cousin stayed off-campus. It was less expensive and gave him more freedom. There are quite a few good apartment options nearby. Just make sure to start looking early!


On-campus housing might be pricier, but it's super convenient, especially in your first year. It keeps you close to all the student activities.
Makes sense. How’s the support for international students?
They have a dedicated office for international students that was really helpful with everything from paperwork to settling in and finding community groups.