Need some assistance!

I have received an email from the admissions committee suggesting a shift to the MS in Software Engineering for a more competitive profile. I’m keen on specializing in computer graphics, particularly simulations and animations. Will I still have access to the courses in the Interactive Computing Track of MSCS if I opt for MSSE? Additionally, what other differences can I expect, considering the MSSE program leans more towards industry-focused courses over theoretical CS ones?

Hello, I’m a Software Engineering major following a curriculum similar to Computer Science up to the junior year, with some distinct course names. During the 3000-level classes, there’s flexibility to choose courses aligning with your interests. Creating a computer graphics project for the SE program is valuable for resume building. Alternatively, some students opt to join SE and later switch to CS in the second semester of their freshman year or sophomore year. Many students switch majors, so it’s a viable option. When choosing a school, consider scholarship offers, as minimizing debt is a crucial factor in decision-making.