Need Orientation TIPS!

I’m just kind of asking to get a feel for what I need to be paying attention to when I come to orientation. Here’s a set of things; I’ll throw them out there, but feel free to say anything—even tiny stuff. I’m a finance major.

  • How do I get the suitable classes before the rest of the people take them all?
  • Key classes to sign up for
  • Events I can’t miss the days of June 17th or 18th
  • People/Organizations to meet
  • What should you not do
  • One thing you wish you did at orientation

Prepare at least three mock schedules that you’d be happy with, as you only have one hour with the advisor. They will likely push for critical tracking and general education courses, plus Quest 1. If you have incoming credits, you have more flexibility; if not, expect to take gen ed courses. You might already have a Quest 1 course assigned and can’t change it until other courses are scheduled.

Preview is long and mostly involves sitting through presentations. The building is cold, so bring a hoodie.