Need insights for the admission of my little sister

Hey everyone! :slight_smile: Got a question about your college, and I’m hoping to get your take on it.

So, my younger sister is thinking about joining next year, and I’m trying to figure out if CSU would be the right fit for her, considering what she wants and what I think she needs.

Just so you know, I recently graduated from Hansraj college in Delhi University. No offense intended, but I’m curious about how CSU compares to my experience.

Basically, I’m wondering if Cleveland State offers what you’d call the typical college experience, especially in comparison to a bigger school in Delhi. You know, a campus that feels like its own little city with lots of places to eat, chill, and so on. Are there many events and activities? A variety of organizations to join? A vibrant social scene with parties and such? Sporting events? And is the area around the school lively?

At my college, I loved living in a safe and centralized area that felt like a little town with everything I needed — school buildings, residences, eateries, attractions, places to work, and more.

I was also part of some student groups, which kept me engaged with campus life.

For various reasons, I think my sister should have a similar experience, so I want her to choose a place that offers all of that. She’s considering Cleveland State because of her best friends, but I don’t want her to miss out on an experience that could be life-changing for practical reasons.

If CSU can provide everything I’ve mentioned to a similar degree as Delhi University, then maybe it’s the right choice for her. I just wanted to ask and get some input from students who know the school.

I genuinely appreciate your insights.
Thanks a lot!!!

Short answer…no. CSU is a commuter school so most students don’t live on campus. I went there for my undergrad and PhD and have seen it transform into something really cool though. Send me a DM if you have any specific questions.