Need help. University of New Haven or University of Bridgeport?

Which one is a better school for MS in Finance, University of New Haven or University of Bridgeport? Does one have better job prospects over another?

Hey , I graduated from university of New Haven and also I have many friends from university of Bridgeport . To be honest there are few things to consider . Unh is located in west haven which is safe compared to Bridgeport so travel is also an option and also traveling is for Bridgeport . University of Bridgeport is but strict like have to write exams on paper but Unh I haven’t seen much . Bridgeport has free pantry where you can collect up to 7 items and 3 times a month like grocery and food . Unh does not offer any free food . Unh is bit costly university compared to Bridgeport. So it depends on you what factors you are really looking for . For jobs it depends totally on skill set you carry .I hope I answered your question.
Thank you,