Need help for Visa Officer's queries

I've received an e-mail from Cleveland State University for an MS in CS. Could you please give some inputs to answer for questions like if VO asks why this university?
If a VO (visa officer) asks why you chose Cleveland State University for your MS in CS, you can answer by highlighting the university's strong reputation in computer science education and research. Cleveland State University's Department of Computer and Information Science has a distinguished faculty with expertise in various subfields of computer science. Additionally, the university offers state-of-the-art facilities and resources that are crucial for pursuing an MS in CS.

Here’s an example answer that you could give:

"I chose Cleveland State University because it has an excellent reputation for its computer science program, and I was particularly drawn to the hands-on learning opportunities offered by the department. I was impressed by the faculty’s expertise in cutting-edge areas of computer science, such as artificial intelligence and data analytics, and I believe that the university’s strong industry partnerships will provide me with valuable real-world experience.

Additionally, I was attracted to the city of Cleveland itself, which is home to many innovative tech companies and start-ups. I feel that studying at Cleveland State University will give me access to a thriving technology community, which will allow me to network with professionals in the field and potentially secure internships or job opportunities.

Overall, I believe that Cleveland State University is the perfect fit for me as I pursue my Master’s degree in Computer Science. I am excited to join the CS department and contribute to the university’s culture of innovation and academic excellence."