Need guidance. Please help

My_qualifications: GRE:322 V:152, Q:170, AWA:3 IELTS:8.5 band LRW:8.5 S:7.5 Degree: B.Tech CGPA:8.8 Branch : EEE College:NIT Trichy

But UK has one year program which are not recognised by India (UGC doesn’t recognise right???) A genuine question somebody please clear this? Cuz if I don’t get placed there plan is comeback to India to study phd get into academia or search for job here if my msc is not valid in india it defeats the purpose.

USA 2 yrs programs are too costly and it’s diffcult to get scholarships and VISA issues. This is feedback I got from few of my friends studying there they spent around 60 lakhs just for one year tution fees.

Also for course i thought of taking electronics and computer engineering . I took a csc minor in my bachelor’s. Is this good cross competency?? Or should I still to electronics only???

Is there any other country i should try too please guide me. I’m so confused!! I did my research on Canada ( British Colombia banned international students)

Is Australia a good choice?? Should I look for program there?

I’m looking for 2025 fall intake so I do have time but I need to decide on country !!