Need guidance for MS in computer science at UCM

For an MS in CS at UCM, how will the future be after a master's?

Hi @Ishita582 …I am a graduate student from UCM. Except top schools, the future is quite same with all schools in US. There are two aspect of career in US after graduation. One is full time another is consulting. Most of the top MNC companies does their career fair in top schools, so there is so much scope to get a full time job through such schools. Coming to UCM, there are only couple of companies participate in ucm’s career fair. As, you said you have experience. So, there are various ways for you to apply for full time. You can apply through career fair, you can apply on your own, or you can take any professor referal. Consulting career is same for all masters students irrespective of school. However, choosing university depends on various factors.

Hi @Yash_Arora I got admission in NIU and UCM for MS in CS . Which should I pick taking tuition fees (NIU 36000$ ucm22000$) and jobs post MS into consideration?
If you have to choose between these two universities only, then you may opt for the cost-effective one.

NIU may have an edge over UCM on job opportunities and also the starting salary.

However, good prior work experience in a related area of work may help you get the crucial first job, irrespective of which of these universities you graduate from.

Hey congrats on bagging admits to NIU and UCM for your MS in Comp Sci! 🎉 Now, when you're picking, the tuition fees are a deal-breaker – NIU is at 36K, but UCM's a bit lighter at 22K. And you gotta suss out the job scene, career help, and what the alumni are saying about life after graduation.

Also, check out where these unis are. What’s the vibe? What’s the job market like for computer science geeks around NIU and UCM? Do some digging to get the real picture.

Talk to some current students or folks who’ve been through it all – they’ve got the inside scoop. At the end of the day, mix in your academic dreams, career goals, cash concerns, and what each uni’s throwing your way. Good luck figuring it out! :rocket::briefcase: