Need advice related to quant?

Hey everyone, I am a Fresher at Duke. I don’t know much about quant finance, but it seems like a career path I might be interested in (yes, I know it’s very difficult to get into). Does anyone have any experience with quant finance recruiting at Duke (Jane Street, Citadel, DE Shaw, etc.) or have any advice on how to maximize my chances of breaking into these fields from Duke? How targeted is Duke in the recruiting process/how hard is it to land a job from Duke? What are the best Duke major(s) for quant finance? What clubs/organizations should I join? What else should I do to try to become a quant? I am currently planning on being a math/econ major but also considering cs (I don’t have much cs background yet, but I am strong in math). If anyone has any insight, please let me know. Thanks!

Duke’s like the spot for quant gigs at places like SIG, Optiver, and IMC, with some peeps even scoring spots at Jane Street or Citadel. Econ ain’t the biggie—focus on math, CS, or stats and crush those grades. Early internships might not be quant-specific, so try out math or CS research or dive into data science. Interviews might hit you with some probability brain teasers, so brush up