Need Advice on GMAT prep for a first timer

I have finally decided to write GMAT & I have roughly 3 years of work Exp. in IT field. But the problem is i do not know how to approach / Prepare for the exam. I have a few questions that i need answers for.

Suggestions on where i can start my GMAT prep / any courses that are highly recommended.

When would be the ideal month to write GMAT? In case i get a below avg / bad score , I would like to write the exam one more time if possible before the applications open up for '24.

Should i even aim for fall 2024 intake?

Any advice would be highly appreciated. Please feel free to provide any other inputs.

The gmatclub study plan post may be worth checking out. Googling/reading about the Focus Edition (new GMAT) could be helpful as well.

Hey! I believe the GMAT can take about 4/6month or about a year (yeah a big window, as it depends on many factors).

What worked for me was:

  • TTP for quant
  • GMAT Ninja videos for sentence correction.

In my case, I was acing Reading Comp and Critical reasoning from the get go.

And most importante: tons of practice!! None of the “micro topics” are per se difficult… the difficulty comes from the BROAD number of topics (always feels that you are juggling - improve something / something else goes off) and the time constraints.

  • you can buy the ebook and get 1000 ejercites
  • GMAT club: I you best friend with explanations and billions excersices

Hope this helps!

You can get a sense of how long you’ll need to achieve your GMAT score goal by preparing for 10 to 20 hours to familiarize yourself with the test and then taking one of the free official practice tests on

Your score on that test will indicate your current level.

For some other tips on how to start preparing for the GMAT, see this post

How to Start Studying for the GMAT: 5 Steps for Success

I’d suggest you start your GAMT prep at the earliest as the score is valid for 5 years.

Many students struggle when they prepare for the GMAT just before the admissions deadline.

1/ There are a ton of study plans out there and it can get overwhelming at times.

Let me suggest you the best resources out there.

-TTP for quant (Hands down the best resource for quant)
-GMATNinja for Verbal

I’d suggest you try the 5 day trial with TTP before you purchase a plan.

2/ There is no ideal month to write the exam. Prepare for 2 weeks and you’ll get an understanding of how much time is required to prep for the GMAT and then book your exam data accordingly and follow a plan that you created for yourself after analyzing your strengths and weaknesses.

3/ You will be having 4 years of work ex at the time of matriculation in fall 2024 which is below the average work ex for most Bschools. If you have an above average GPA, GMAT score and work ex then go for it. Else I’d suggest you give the exam now and apply next year with an additional year of work ex.

If you have any questions feel free to DM me

ok thank you!! I’ll check them out

I do not know what ejercites are. Is that a typo??

Thank you. I’ll check them out

Thank you. A quick question, have you given the test yourself? How was it?

@anny_m Sorry for that - would be: questions

Yes i did. It wasn’t as overwhelming as i initially thought it would be but i did do alot of prep tests though, aaand sleep…i studied hard before the exam so i wouldn’t have to binge study the night before… the sleep helped me alot, trust me. For me, TTP and OG practice are a no-brainer.