My advisor is steering me into taking ASL 1&2

hi everyone. i think my advisor is steering me into taking ASL 1&2. i think my advisor is implying that theyre easier and less stressful, but im apprehensive. i feel like maybe another language might be more useful in life. but id be ok with an "easy A" also. what are your thoughts?
Hi! I took ASL 1 and it was one of my favorite classes I took in all four years at CSU. I think ASL is just as useful as, say, Spanish. I learned a lot in that ASL class, and the professor was incredible. Definitely an easy A, but you still have to practice a little bit on your own time. There are ASL tutors you can go to as well.

I didn’t take any other foreign language courses at CSU, so I can’t compare between the classes. However, if you have more questions, feel free to DM me.

Cleveland State is what I consider my first option for its proximity and, from what I have learned, its prestige. Though on that last part, I am unsure if I am right to think so? Is Cleveland State a good university to become an author? If not, what are my other good options?

Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the Literature Department at Cleveland State University, I chose this institution for its geographical convenience and strong reputation in the humanities. Engaging with esteemed faculty, participating in writing programs, and benefiting from diverse resources have enriched my academic journey. Cleveland State’s commitment to nurturing literary talent, exemplified by accomplished alumni, adds to the institution’s appeal. While I recognize the importance of individual preferences in choosing an academic path, I’m happy to answer any questions about the Literature Department or the academic experience at Cleveland State University.

I’ve been struggling quite a bit this semester, emotionally and academically. I am considering dropping the remainder of my courses for this semester. I am wondering if anyone has done this before and if there is any financial consequences for this. I know it may affect my financial aid and that’s fine (I’m also considering taking a break for a year). I just want to know if anyone has done this and if there was any charge for dropping the semester.🤧
You might be able to get a medical withdrawal, if you're suffering from depression. Talk to one of the counselors there - they'd be able to advise you on your best options.

If you get financial aid, you might have to pay it back, though. I paid for school myself, so I don’t know how financial aid works.

Thanks for this! I do suffer from anxiety and depression and just started meds for it so it has been a roller coaster ride this past month. I appreciate this. I’ll talk to a counselor tomorrow.

Should this be an academic counselor or one of the mental health counselors?

I would probably start with a mental health counselor, because they'd be the one to authorize the medical withdrawal.

Also, don’t hesitate to emphasize how much you’re struggling.

"Any class that is not required for you to take afaik. This usually applies to all classes but there may be some exceptions. For example, if you are a Econ major and you take a random 3/4 credit Chem or Physics class, that should count as free elective. Effectively, in addition to that, you can also do research or TA for credits (or even do an internship) which gives you credits that can most likely go towards free electives.

Please talk to your advisor before enrolling in such courses so that you don’t make a mistake."