MS in US: Online Networking Event 2024

A webinar on MS in US: Online Networking Event 2024 was organised on 29 March 2024 at 06:00 pm.

Some key take-aways:

  • The webinar, hosted by GyanDhan, focused on aiding Indian students aspiring for higher education in the USA, highlighting key aspects of securing education loans and leveraging networking for academic and career advancement.
  • GyanDhan’s CEO, Deepika, outlined the consultancy’s mission to provide students with free assistance in obtaining education loans from various lenders, including both public sector banks and private financial institutions.
  • The webinar underscored the significance of choosing the right university, based on factors such as course offerings, placement records, and scholarship opportunities, to ensure successful job prospects post-graduation.
  • Attendees were informed about the increasing trend of Indian students opting for higher education in the USA and the comprehensive support GyanDhan offers, from university application processes to securing financial aid and scholarships.
  • An emphasis was placed on the importance of networking and community engagement through GyanDhan’s discussion forum, where students can share experiences and seek advice from peers and alumni already studying abroad.
  • A forthcoming “Loan Mela” in six major Indian cities was announced, promising on-the-spot education loan sanctions from leading lenders, with the advice to come prepared with necessary documentation.
  • The session concluded with an interactive networking opportunity in a “lounge area,” encouraging participants to discuss various topics, share insights, and form connections to support their study abroad journey.
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