MS in Data Science

The ever-growing popularity of a career in data science has led an astronomical surge in programs, degrees, and bootcamps targeted at students looking to enter the field. While the demand for data scientists continues to grow around the globe, grabbing a lucrative job as a data scientist is not easy owing to the increased supply of talents. Adding to this uncertainty is the current COVID-19 pandemic.

To answer your skepticism, GyanDhan is organizing a webinar “MS In Data Science: How to stand out from the competition in COVID-19 world!” in partnership with Galvanize Test Prep. The webinar will be held on Saturday 17th October at 06:00 PM IST. The speaker of the webinar will be Pavithra Srinivasan (Stanford University Alumna).

Highlights for the Session:

  • Where is Data Science headed in this COVID-19 world?
  • The Return on Investment (ROI) from an MS degree in Data Science from a good university abroad
  • Making your application stand-out as an applicant to a data science program.

About Speaker:
Pavithra graduated from Stanford University with a 100% Fellowship Scholarship in Electrical Engineering. She worked at various hi-tech companies in Silicon Valley and Kaplan in the U.S. She returned to India with a vision to revamp the Test Preparation space with a more personalized study based program and started Galvanize Test Prep.

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Please ask your queries here.

Is MS in Business Analytics similar?
Does it has the same scope?
Is it good to study the above in Germany?

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How do we shortlist universities when it comes to data science

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What is the difference between Data Science and Data Engineering…?

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Hi, where can I get some practical experience or online projects so that I get an idea of how am I a better fit for the program (data or business analysis)?

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Is it ok to apply MS with a gmat score?

What Universities offer MS in DS Germany?
What universities offer MS in DS in USA?
How practical is it to get a job in USA after the completion of course after current changes in H1B visa rules?

I’m a production engineering BTech student at NIT Trichy with 8.31/10.0 but am planning to apply for MS in Data Science/ML. I have also taken a minor in CS with a good GPA but how much will my core production engineering grades and GPA matter especially for the top 10 universities in the US? Also, is having a US citizen positive or negative for someone who has studied in India? They might not be able to recognize Indian Universities as well as US accredited universities, is this a
problem? Also, how do i convert my GPA to a 4.0 scale?

Nowadays, each university wants the LOR to be submitted on their portal by the refree. How do we coax them to fill in the LORs having different questions for every university?

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What kind of internships have more weightage for getting admits from good universities-internships under a professor or industry related experience?

Hello Mam
Mam my doubt is I’m Bachelor’s student from Computer Science n I’m planning for MS in DS but if I fail to get an admit from MSDS program n if I get opt to MSBA will I be able to get a desired job is DS field i.e Will i be able to be Data Scientist or Data Analyst through MSBA
& If Data Scientist is my dream job then shall I opt to MSBA in case of difficulties or i shall wait and only apply to MSDS

If universities require some credits for example, statistics/programming but we don’t have those, is there a way around this and how can galvanise help in this regard?

Mam as I’m searching some programs for my MS and it seems that even MSBA programs carry basic programming knowledge… Will that help me land somewhere near my dream of becoming Data Scientist.
Thank You

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In which country is it comparatively easy to get a job in DS : US ,UK or Canada?

What kind of internships have more weightage for getting admits from good universities-internships under a professor or industry related experience? Also having research papers or work experience will be helpful to do MS in DS even if we have graduated from non cs field?

Data science goes deeper into data than business analytics. While many companies do not invest much in building data science structures so they hire people for data analysis. Data science graduates can get a job in the business analytics field but it can’t happen in the other way round.
Also, Germany has many eminent and cutting edge programs related to data science. Keep in mind that competition is on a higher side in Germany.

Find your interest in a specific sector of data science. Also look at your credentials and research the universities accordingly. The best way to do that is to consult an abroad admission counselor.

These are more or less the similar courses with names used interchangeably.

If you are currently in college, you can propose a project to your faculty. Take up a project that is challenging enough so that you can gauge yourself. If you are doing a project on your own, try to find a venue where you can get a peer review.