MS Business Analytics: ASU vs. UC Davis vs. Europe(ESCP)

I recently got admitted to Arizona State University for a Master’s in Business Analytics starting in Fall 2024. I’m really excited about the program, but I have some concerns about the job market in the US, especially for fresh graduates with no full-time experience.

I’ve heard that it can be really challenging for new grads to land a job in the current market conditions. This has me wondering if ASU is the best choice for me. I’ve also been accepted to the MSBA program at UC Davis and a couple of universities in Europe.

I was hoping to get some advice from this group. Which university do you think I should choose for my Master’s in Business Analytics when considering factors like job prospects, career growth potential, program reputation, and overall return on investment?

If anyone has insights into the US analytics job market in 2024 and beyond, or has experience with the programs I mentioned, I would really appreciate your perspective. I want to make an informed decision that sets me up for success in the long run.

Thanks in advance for your help!

It landed me a job with no prior experience at Google in DS so guess I’d recommend