Moving to Canada or another country!

Hello there, I am currently in my fourth semester pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I have plans to pursue my Master’s degree abroad because I have multiple reasons to not stay in my country. I am also working and paying for my university fees on my own.

I have been thinking about settling down in the country where I undertake my Master’s degree, and I believe it will be the perfect place for me to live.

I am confused about whether Canada is a better option for me, or if there are any other countries that I should consider.

I would appreciate your guidance on what to do after completing my Master’s degree.

Thank you! :pray:

All countries are not exactly in a favorable situations for International Students, but all the countries are good and survivable.

I guess I would suggest USA, It has good universities and more opportunities, in-terms of scholarship, and job opportunities, depending on your experience and background.