Minor Sprint Release Notes

  1. After post approval steps, apps will automatically reach to READY_FOR_DISBURSEMENT status,
    there RM needs to do the predisbursal call and then send it for Request Disbursement

  2. For ISA pre placement post approval steps, apps will automatically reach to PRE_PLACEMENT_ISA_COMPLETION, so they won’t come in anyone’s queue, unless REQUEST_FOR_POST_PLACEMENT_APPROVAL is selected for disbursal, when partner sends the documents.

  3. When QC/CR selects INCORRECT_INCOMPLETE_DOCS/HOLD_ADDITIONAL_INFO_NEEDED, there is a checkbox (don’t send to institute), if he selects that, email notification won’t go to partner.

  4. All MASAI cases, where post approval steps were complete have been sent to PRE_PLACEMENT_ISA_COMPLETION. If still any RM, QC sees a ISA loan where approval steps are complete, please move it to PRE_PLACEMENT_ISA_COMPLETION manually. so that it doesn’t appear in your queue.