Messed up my first MATH 2419 exam🤧

Hello, I’m a first-year student at UTD and I completely messed up my first MATH 2419 exam – it was so bad that even perfect scores in the next two won’t save my grade.

I tried to drop MATH 2419, but because it’s linked with PHYS 2325 and its lab, my academic advisor said I’d have to drop all three to get out of MATH 2419. But, I really don’t want to drop PHYS 2325 and its lab since I’m managing okay in those. Is there any way out of this? Right now, I’m taking 14 credit hours, and dropping these courses would bring me down to 6 credit hours.

Your advisor isn’t completely right. You can actually talk to your physics professor or the department head to get an exception for the prerequisite/corequisite rule. I went through the same process last year. It was right before the final date to drop courses, and having an A- in physics helped my case to stay enrolled in the course.

I dropped my calculus class at UTD and picked it up at Dallas College to maintain my co-requisites. The advisors were okay with it. Try checking Dallas College or Collin for an 8-week course, and you’ll be able to drop 2419 while keeping your UTD classes.
Best of luck!

In our 2419 class, your grade depends on how you rank among your classmates. Even the person who scored around 30s on the tests managed to get a C+. So, if you give it your best shot, passing hsould not be a problem
Speak with the physics department. The physics courses don't really involve much calculus. Someone mentioned they might let you skip the corequisite. Plan to do calculas in the next semester at collin or Dallas college.