MBA at UT Dallas

I have decided to pursue a masters program. When I researched UTD, I decided it was a good fit, as well as UTA. Good price, in Dallas area, and a manageable program as an online or pt schedule.

I’m thinking of doing the dual program, where you do an MBA and another focus, still undecided but leaning towards Business Analytics. I’m undecided because I feel as though BA roles/jobs would be more attainable with an MBA degree (please correct me if I’m wrong). I do want to be someone who is more competitive in this job market.

If you have any experience that you’d like to share that helped you through somewhat of a similar situation (deciding on a dual program and the outcome of it now), MBA or other masters programs at UTD, please do tell!! I’d love to hear career/academic advice as well. Just for reference, I’m first gen sooo I need all the dets :sob:

THANKS IN advance :slight_smile:

Doing a dual degree is a good idea but be thoughtful of too many subjects that you have to clear in each semester. Overall, I think you will be required to complete over 52 Grades compared to 36 for a master’s.

JSOM (UTD) MBA program is decently good and can be considered as during my batch students got very good placement and it’s the only program where the university also helps in placement like on-campus placement however the tuition would be higher than a masters fees and with scholarship, I will highly recommend you to consider this.

The issue with having too many subjects in your first year is with time management for applying for summer internships which is the most crucial part of a master’s/MBA from the POV of getting a job.