Masters in the US

Hi, need some suggestions to make a career choice.
I finished my graduation in CS scoring a high CGPA.
My basic conundrum is that I don’t have a faintest idea of programming except few basics. My understanding.of writing codes, algorithms or data structures is next to zero.
My grades are good. I have good command on mathematics (theory of computation) and I have published few papers in some highly reputed research journals.
Now, I am planning for a masters
Now, I know that ANYONE would advise me against doing a Masters in Computer Science but my overall profile is very good. I’m great at Math (subjects like theory of computation) and I have some high level research publications as well.
So now, I am preparing for an MS from the US.
Should I learn programming and algorithms from beginning before going for an MS? or should I work in the analyst profile and move ahead with an MS in MIS/Business Analysis?
I was thinking to learn programming and algorithms from SCRATCH. Should I go ahead with that? And then go for a MS in CS?

What should I do?

Hi Aniket,
Learning programming and algorithms take a lot of time. I don’t think you will have enough time to start with scratch. In my opinion, u shud continue with analytics. If you want to work or want to pursue masters, you shud go ahead with specialisation in which your comfortable.
In the end, it is ur prerogative. You have to decide.

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You can always learn programming. It is nver too late. There is a catch here. The academic calendar in the US is pretty hectic.I dont know whether you would get time to learn.In addition, which field you are thinking.It is not clear. I can answer it better, if you post your profile clearly here. Which course you are looking for etc etc.

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Thanks Manju for replying. I know, in the end it is my call. I am just very confused… Not able to decide. Hence, I have decided to postpone my plan.

I have messaged you the details of my profile. Please check.