Masters in Germany for Mechanical engineers

I’m a final year student of mechanical engineering (sandwich) from Pune. I’m interested to pursue Masters from Germany. I’m not sure which are best masters programs for a mechanical engineer.
Got to know that admissions/applications process will start from OCT 2021.
Pls help me to sort out the best masters program and fee structure in German universities.


Hi @Mahesh_N

Please give me some time to research the best master’s programs in Germany.

As for the fee structure is concerned - Public universities in Germany do not charge a tuition fee, even from international students. There is a small 300-400 Euros Semester fee that has to be paid.
Apart from this, you will need to open a blocked account with 10,332 Euros for living expenses. It is a mandatory requirement for a German student visa.

You can read about it here -

I hope this helps. I will get back to you with a list of programs you can target. Thank you for your patience.