Master's in Cybersecurity

Hey there! I’m Agastya from India. This Summer semester, I’ll start my master’s in cybersecurity at UCM. I’m looking to connect with alumni or fellow students. Does anyone know of a Discord server for UCM folks? I could really use some advice on finding a place to stay and other essentials. Any sort of help would be appreciated.

Hey man, congratulations on your admission.:raised_hands::sparkles:
There’s a UCM Cybersecurity Majors Discord server that’s pretty active. Alumni and current students are there, and it’s a great place for housing advice and course tips. I graduated two years ago, and I’m still part of it to help out when I can.
Let me send you an invite link privately.

Look at Mr. Cybersecurity here​:joy::joy::joy:, already making moves before even starting the semester. Next, you’ll be asking for the secret to acing all exams without attending classes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Just kidding, he’s right though; that Discord server is your best bet. And don’t worry, you’ll find housing. If not, there’s always a comfy bench on campus. Just hope it doesn’t rain!

Why is it showing joy instead of my emoji🤡

Thank you :grin::raised_hands:. I really appreciate it. And Samir, haha, I’ll make sure to keep an eye out for those benches just in case.:joy::joy: Looking forward to joining the server and meeting you both soon!

Mine are working fine man!!!:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

You’re welcome! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have more questions. UCM is a great place, and I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time here. And don’t mind Samir; we all know he secretly loves those campus benches.

Dayymmmm bruh :rofl:Guilty as charged. But hey, Agastya, seriously, UCM’s a great choice. You’ll love it here. Cybersecurity’s a tough nut, but with the right company, you’ll crack it.
See you around, digital defender!:wink:

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Who’s being racist now, hunnnn!!!:joy::joy::joy:

Firstly, hearty congratulations on your admission into UCM. If you are searching for a place/accommodation from the upcoming summer semester then I will provide you the accommodation.