Masters after graduation in india

Right now I’m in my last year. I have 5.12 cgpa and 59% in my hsc. I want to persue my master’s in canada. And I think no University will take me for masters so is it worth doing 2 year diploma from a college? Which college is best in terms of job opportunity or any other tips . Help me out I’m super confused

Hi @maxwin_wadia,

Diploma has its own benefits. Choose a program that has Co-op. It will give you a chance to work in the field of your study while studying, so you will be able to apply your knowledge in a realistic situation. Remember, diplomas are worth less than a degree so your job prospects would be equally limited.

There is another thing you can do - since you don’t fulfil the basic criteria for an admission to a university, you can take prerequisite courses in a college. Once you have massed enough credits, apply for admission to a university.

Please tell me your academic credentials, so that I can suggest appropriate courses and colleges. I will also elaborate on job prospects once I know your chosen field of study. Or if you don’t have any preference, please mention that.
Waiting for your reply.