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We begin from the end. The answer to the aforementioned question, Masters of Engineering vs. Master of Science in Engineering is a No; one degree is not better than the other. Both are exceptional choices for international students thinking of studying Masters level courses in engineering abroad. Why? Because within the STEM field, engineering graduates have the highest salaries. How do you choose between the two then? The answer lies among the differences between M.S. in Eng. and M.Eng. degrees. We help you understand them below.

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I want to do M. Eng. in Mechanical in USA but I think 1 year is not enough to study and do significant projects at the same time. What to do?
Shall I pursue MS and take advantage of those 2 years?

Hi @Siddhant_Srivastava

It depends on your purpose and career goal.
M.S is an academic degree with a research and theoretical approach. M.Eng. is a professional degree. it will focus on applying theories to practical situations/real-world applications.

Most universities offer the same course and curriculum for both programs. The only difference lies in the process of teaching and the outcome of the degree.

The outcome could differ like - suppose you want to study further and enroll in a Ph.D. program. You can do so if you pursue an MS.
M.Eng., on the other hand, is a terminal degree. There is generally no research required and can be less competitive. Employment is usually the only outcome but will definitely prepare you for an industry job. You may be able to switch to a research degree if the university allows it.

Now, regarding the duration - again depends on how you use your time and your priority. Students gain valuable experience even with one-year degrees without hampering their future employment chances.

A reason many students go for MS is the duration of the program. They get more time to explore the subject and research.

So, my advice - look at both programs from the lens of your future plans and not through the duration of the program. If you plan to get into research and academia, then MS should be the choice. If you feel you want practical knowledge and want to end your academic journey with a job then go for an M.Eng. If you feel you might change your plans, then again MS is the option you should choose.

I hope this helps you. If you have any further doubts, do post on this thread. All the best!