Loan for studies in the US

What is the maximum amount that I can get for education loan? I am planning to go to the US this year. MS in Computer Science . Looking for a loan of 30-35 lakhs.
I asked at the SBI branch near my house and they mentioned that I need to provide a property. I don’t want to do that. Any solutions?

Also how long does it take to get the loan work completed

Yes, SBI or other nationalized banks require collateral security to provide education loans. Without any collateral, you can get 35-40 lakhs from banks like Axis Bank, Incred, Credila etc. You can apply directly to the bank or to GyanDhan (they work with most banks). I applied to GyanDhan. They got my loan for MS in CS at ASU approved with Axis Bank. Process was straightforward. Took me 10 days overall.