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Have you ever dreamt of going to the US for your MS degree? But a quick reality check has burst your bubble hurling you into the cold world of sky-high tuition fee and cost of living? Thinking of abandoning that one dream of yours, that is, to study abroad? Education loans may be one option to finance your education abroad, but isn’t a debt still a debt? Well, what if we tell you that your dream of MS in US can come true?

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I got an admit for MS Computer Science in University of Southern California.
I need help in getting Scholarship for pursuing it. Is there any scholarship which would be able to take the burden of tuition fees?

Hi @Swathy_Dakshinamoort,

Refer to this link for an extensive list of scholarships -

The university also offers scholarships to international students - merit-based scholarships, assistantships, and fellowships. There are on-campus jobs as well that will help you financially.
Refer to this link -

Follow this link to read about the type of financial aid the university provides -

And this link will give you the entire list of scholarships offered by the university -

There might be some scholarships that are not mentioned in this list, offered by your department. I suggest getting in touch with your department to find out scholarships for international students. The scholarship can also be in the form of a monthly stipend paid directly to you.

You can also refer to these links for more help -

JN Tata Endowment Scholarship
KC Mahindra Scholarship
US Scholarships

These blogs will give you a comprehensive list of scholarships, as well as eligibility criteria and other details about them.

Hope this helps.

I’m really confused with different types of scholarship process with different platform . What is the simplest way to apply?

Hi @Md_Swaleh,

The simplest way to apply is to shortlist the scholarships as per your eligibility, target course, and country. Submit your application before the deadline.

Obviously, the scholarship process will differ depending on the type of scholarship.
For example, scholarships offered by your target university will have a different application process from scholarships offered by the government. That cannot be helped.

Stay organized to remove confusion. If it helps, maintain an excel sheet with scholarship details, deadlines, eligibility criteria, and the process.

Good luck!

Hi ,
I want to do masters in USA at good University with scholarships . Because my family financially can’t afford it

But I am good at academics and extra curricular activities.
Completed my with 8.48 GPA( all subjects are cleared at my first attempt only) . And currently working in an IT company Hyderabad with an annual package of 7 LPA. I have already completed 1 year in that company. ( Want to join in MS program from aug 2022. So will have 2 years of work experience)
Also done an internship of 3 months in NIC, new Delhi.

So please suggest me what is the good score for IELTS and GRE or any other entrance test . So that I can join in a best University in US with good scholarship.
(Want to take CS in masters )

Also suggest me some good universities and their scholarship facilities.

Thanks in Advance

Pandu Naidu

Hi @Pandu_naidu

There are very few fully-funded scholarships available to study in the US and the competition is quite tough. It would be wise to apply for an education loan to cover all bases. You wouldn’t want to get admission to a top university and not have the means to pay the tuition fee. You mentioned that your family cannot afford an abroad education - this eliminates major Indian lenders. However, international lenders like Prodigy Finance and MPower Financing offer education loans to international students. The loan is given on the student’s profile, ranking of the course, college, and future earning potential. You won’t need to pledge collateral or need a co-applicant. You can check your loan eligibility on our website - GyanDhan > Loans > Check Loan Eligibility.

As for your profile and the universities you should target -

Use the Admit Predictor tool to shortlist the universities as per your profile -

Refer to this link to read about the course and the US universities offering it-

GRE and IELTS/TOEFL score you should target -
A GRE score of 310 and above will be good for most top-ranked universities.
IELTS - 7 bands and above
TOEFL - 90 and above

Refer to these blogs for help -

I hope this answer helps you. If you have any further queries, do post them in this thread.
All the best!


Can you please help advise the process and eligibility criteria to get scholarship for Pursuing MS in Cyber Security from USA

Hi @rc17

There is no blanket process and eligibility criteria for scholarships. Each scholarship varies and has different criteria, deadlines, and process.

Any particular scholarship that you are applying for?
If there is one, then I can explain the process of that particular scholarship. Explaining the process of each and every scholarship will be difficult.

If you haven’t selected any scholarship yet, let me know. I can provide a list as per your course and country.

Refer to these blogs for more help -

I hope this helps you. Do reply on this thread if you wish to know the process of the scholarship you selected or if you want a list of scholarships.
All the best!

Thank you.

Yes please provide a list of scholarships applicable.

Can you please provide the list of scholarships applicable?


There are mainly two types of scholarships - University scholarships and external scholarships.

  • University scholarships - Depends on the university you are targeting. For example, Stanford University, Wesleyan University offer scholarships to international students. These scholarships can be merit-based or entrance-based. Merit-based scholarships are given based on your academic record and resume. Entrance-based scholarships are given when you accept the admission offer. These scholarships may or may not have a separate application form. Please check with your target university. Make sure to abide by the deadline. It is always better to apply for them as early as possible because they can run out.

  • External scholarships - given by private organizations, or the government. These are given solely based on the student’s academic record and merit.

The blogs I mentioned earlier will help you with external scholarships.

Scholarship list as per your course and country -

  • Center for Cyber Safety and Education Graduate Level Scholarships - There are 2 scholarships within this - 1. Women’s Scholarship; 2. Graduate Scholarship
  • Fulbright scholarships
  • AAUW International Fellowships in USA for Women
  • Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme
  • MPOWER Women in STEM Scholarship
  • GyanDhan Postgraduate Scholarship
  • Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program
  • Global Excellence Scholarship

I hope this list helps you. All the best!

Hello everyone!

Hope you are well!
I am in the final stretch of my master’s applications for MSc Genetic Counseling, admission cycle 2022 in the US/Canada. I have submitted my applications but still actively looking for scholarship opportunities. I would prefer if the scholarship covers full/partial tuition as a grant without a loan basis. I did come across many but either wasn’t eligible or it was on a loan. I feel I have a great profile and would be glad to share the same for further advice. My main aim is to receive financial support. Thank you for your help!


Hi @Khyati_Arora

Since your course is uncommon, there are very few scholarships that I could find for your course and target country -

  1. GyanDhan Scholarship
  2. KC Mahindra Scholarship
  3. AAUW International Fellowships for Women
  5. Global Study Awards

Mostly there are universities that offer scholarships for this course, so I suggest checking in with your target universities as well for scholarships for international students.

If you are looking for an education loan, you can check your loan eligibility on our website - GyanDhan > Loans > Check your Loan Eligibility.

Hope this helps! All the best.