Just a background for the upcoming spring semester

Just a background, for the upcoming spring semester, I'll be a full time student taking 19 credits and my GPA is in good standing. The part that I'm iffy about is that last semester I was a full time student taking 13 credits but I ended up falling 1 course making my earned credit to be 9. But I was still a full time student throughout the semester. I was wondering if that would affect my TAP aid for spring.

It might affect the decision making for TAP aid for spring, but wont have a significant impact. But still be careful next time. And hoping for a positive response for you.

Thanks for the heads up! I’m definitely planning to be more cautious this time around. Do you think reaching out to the financial aid office for advice would be a good move? Just trying to make sure I do everything possible to keep my TAP aid intact.


Yeah definitely mail them about the TAP aid for advice and be clear about the situation. Its better to get a clear picture instead of assuming.