Job Market for Data Analysts?

Hi, I’ve got a degree in math and have been exploring different career paths. Initially, I leaned towards development, but the market for devs seems incredibly tough right now, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to improve anytime soon. Hence, I’m considering a shift to data analytics. Solving problems and working with data really excite me, plus I’m all about that math life.

I’ve got some skills that could transfer over. During my academic research, I used Python for data handling, and I’ve picked up SQL from my previous dev studies. I’m thinking about adding a few more tools to my repertoire, like Tableau, and perhaps R down the line.

I’m curious about the market for entry-level data analysts. All my developer buddies have been saying that the junior dev scene is a no-go zone, and the internet seems to echo this sentiment, making me think I should maybe avoid this path. If the situation is similar for junior data analysts, I might have to sadly consider other options.

I’d really appreciate any advice. Also, if there are specific skills you think I should acquire for an analyst position, please let me know!! Thanks a lot.

Don’t be discouraged by the developer market - data analytics offers a brighter outlook for entry-level candidates, especially with your math background and transferable skills. Leverage your existing Python and SQL knowledge, and consider adding Tableau and R. Focus on actively building skills through online courses or personal projects. Highlight your strong math background and showcase your data manipulation abilities. Network with professionals and attend industry events to learn and connect. Persistence is key - keep learning, applying, and using available resources to increase your chances of landing a data analyst role. Your math skills and willingness to learn position you well in this promising field.