Job Hunting in the USA

A webinar on Job Hunting in the USA was conducted on 21 March 2024 at 07:00 pm.

Summary of the Webinar: “Job Hunting in the USA”

  • The session focused on guiding Indian students aspiring to study and find jobs in the USA.
  • Galvin’s marketing team initiated the webinar, emphasizing its aim to provide meaningful insights into the US job market.
  • Deepika, CEO at Finest Overseas Consultancy, led the session, sharing expertise on securing job offers post-master’s in the USA.
  • The presentation covered universities providing good placements, application processes, scholarship assistance, and visa processing.
  • Emphasis was placed on the importance of choosing the right university for specific courses, highlighting partnerships with top lenders like SBI and ICICI.
  • Trends in international student recruitment were discussed, showing a significant increase in Indian students choosing the USA for higher education.
  • The session also addressed the process of applying to universities, including deadlines, scholarships available, and the criteria for securing financial aid.
  • Information on specific universities across various states was shared, focusing on their ranking, scholarship opportunities, and fields of study that offer promising job prospects.
  • The advantages of studying in states like California, New York, and Texas were highlighted, including their high employment rates for graduates.
  • Tips on preparing for exams like GRE, IELTS, and Duolingo were provided, alongside insights into the benefits of each for securing admissions and scholarships.

Q&A Session:

Q1: How can we identify universities in the USA that offer the best placement opportunities?

  • A: Research universities with strong industry connections and alumni networks. Look at their career services and placement statistics.

Q2: What’s the importance of scholarships in studying in the USA, and how can we apply?

  • A: Scholarships significantly reduce financial burden. Apply by checking each university’s scholarship page and meet all eligibility criteria.

Q3: Can you provide more details on visa processing for Indian students?

  • A: Start with securing an admission offer, then proceed with the visa application (F-1 visa) by preparing for interviews and documentation as guided by the consulate.

Q4: Which states in the USA are most popular among Indian students, and why?

  • A: California, New York, and Texas are popular due to their educational institutions, job opportunities, and vibrant Indian communities.

Q5: How can we prepare for English proficiency tests like IELTS or Duolingo?

  • A: Practice regularly, focus on each section of the test, and utilize online resources or coaching centers for better preparation.

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