Is this place nice?

Is UTD actually nice? I mean, is the vibe of the campus and its surroundings decent?

I’m not even getting into the social scene; heard that’s pretty much a ghost town. But what about the campus itself and the area around Richardson? From what I understand, it’s not exactly bustling, so I’m curious how one finds joy in the college experience there.

UTD is actually nice but it also depends on what other offers you have, for example, if you are admitted to UT Austin, UTD is a big no but if you have been admitted to northeastern university you can think hard about which college to go to.

The campus is good enough with great amenities, but the vibe of Richardson is overall SAD however with friends everything is super fun, I had a great time in Richardson, I used to live next to UTD in Northside apartments, and it used to be pretty lit till late night.

You will see Indians all around so making friends won’t be a struggle.

If you are someone who wants to have a good time while you study abroad I will suggest you lease a car as well, and then you won’t be limited to just Richardson to chill.

Bonus advise - Arkansas which is a few hour’s drive from Dallas has great camping spots!