Is the University of Texas Arlington good for Indian students?

I am in my exploring phase where I stumbled upon UTA. I have reseached about it a bit , but was only able to get mere stats about the university. I want to know about the culture, but any suggestions or insights related to the university would be of great help.

In general, the campus is really beautiful and accessible. UTA is a multicultured student university, we have Indians, Asians, Africans, Hispanics, Americans, and other international students. We have events and sessions celebrating all cultures. The clubs and university bodies celebrate them. From a cultural perspective, these are the situations. If you have any other questions about UTA, I can help you with them.

As an Indian student at UTA, you'll feel quite connected! UTA ranks impressively high among U.S. colleges for its popularity with Indian students — third out of nearly a thousand. It's a place where you can enjoy both excellent academic quality and great value, offering a welcoming community vibe that makes it easier to settle in and feel at home while you're far from home. It’s a fantastic choice for both educational and personal growth in a friendly environment.