Is the campus secure?

Does it fall short in safety compared to the typical university campus? There’s been quite a bit of talk suggesting it’s not safe, and as someone considering becoming a student there, I’m a bit worried!

Bro if you think iit is scary jsut stay out of any major city in america.:joy::joy:

Don’t go here or anywhere else in any big city around the country if you’re so scared. As long as you act smart when walking around at night you’ll be fine anywhere in the world. During the day, IIT, like most places, is pretty safe.

As safe as walking around NY or other major city. You just have to be mindful of where and at what time you walk around. There are shootings happening once in a while in the surrounding neighborhood areas, but I haven’t seen or heard anything happening on campus or student related (victims of violence).

Just to keep in mind, UIC is a couple miles away, and they are bigger with bigger security system. Yet they had worse events happening recently. Robbers got inside a dorm to around their campus at gunpoint. So IIT is quite safe compared to the surroundings.

Some people get mugged at the CTA stop, but it’s usually international students without street smarts. Besides that you’ll almost never run into problems on campus. I’d advise against wandering off campus however. Particularly South. If you have general city street smarts, you’ll be fine.

Do you have tips you mind sharing that qualify as “street smarts”?
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Use google!


On campus is pretty safe during the day. The southwest part of it may get a little sketchy at night if you are alone.

You have to remember that Illinois Tech has an urban campus so “typical” big city safety precautions would apply - keep money hidden and don’t show off expensive electronics (such as cell phones, tablets, etc.) more than needed. The campus safety and security department should cover more during orientation.