Is TCD worth the investment?

I am confused about Trinty College Dublin. I want to pursue Material Science. is it worth the investment?

Trinity College is one of the top ranked colleges in Ireland and has a QS ranking of 108, which is pretty good. Though the most recommended courses are Classics and Ancient History, Modern Languages, English Language and Literature, Nursing, Pharmacy and Pharmacology. Courses like Computer Science and Information Systems, Materials Science and Biological Sciences are also top ranked courses.

Trinity college Dublin offers MSc. and Post Grad Diploma in Energy Science, which is a one-year full-time course. It is taught jointly between the schools of Physics, Chemistry and Natural Science. It focuses on Natural resource management, fossil and nuclear energy, conventional energy conversion devices, sustainable energy technologies, Electricity and power electronics, and mitigation of the environmental impact of Energy utilisation. The college also has a world class Nanoscience Research Center with featured publications in Nanoscience and Materials Science. So, curriculum and department wise, the college is highly recommended.

The fees for the course is € 27,583 and you can also apply for a merit-based scholarship of € 5,000. After graduating, you will have two years to seek employment in Ireland. Since the curriculum prepares you for multiple industries, it increases your chance of employment.

To sum it all up, I’d recommend this course and especially the college. The college is worth the investment.

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Why Attend University College Dublin in Ireland

University College Dublin is perhaps the most elite higher education institution in Ireland. It was founded in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth on the lines of Oxford and Cambridge. James Joyce, who won a Nobel Prize, studied at University College Dublin.

University College Dublin, does, however, cost almost twice as much as other colleges and universities in Ireland on an average. If you have the budget, go for it. If you do not, you might want to look at other options. Students who attend UCD are usually looking for brand value in addition to top flight education.


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And which college would you recommend for Computer science between University College Cork and Trinity College Dublin?

Are there any scholarships available for UCC?

University College Cork versus Trinity College Dublin

Personally, I have a serious problem with educational institutions around the world which charge different tuition fees for different degrees. To me, this practice borders commercialization and reminds me of US diploma mills. This is higher education and not the Wall Street.

University College Cork charges EU 22,000 for their one year masters’ degree program in Electrical Engineering and their Food Science degree, two of the hottest professional career tracks on the planet today. The Master of Public Health degree, on the other hand, is “priced” at EU 14,000. All degrees are of one year duration.

The master’s degree in computer science is “priced” at EU 18,000. All figures are approximates and are subject to change without notice. I need to add this disclaimer for the sake of political correctness.

Demand-and-supply equations need to remain at a safe distance from colleges and universities at best in the broader context of higher education. Serving the interests of students should always remain priority one.

That said, University College Cork has a lot going for it:

It is ranked in the top 2% in the Global Universities ranking, 4th ranked in Ireland and 310th in the world. University College Cork has been named Sunday Times Irish University of the Year for a record breaking fifth time in 2019. It is voted as the safest campus in Ireland and the world’s first Green Flag Campus. It aggressively supports sustainable practices on campus and beyond. In 2015, UCC was also named as top performing university by the European Commission. UCC also became the first university to achieve the ISO 50001 certification in energy management in 2011.

You have asked a question about scholarships. University College Cork is known to offer scholarships liberally to deserving international students if they possess a really strong profile.

In addition to an MSc in computer science, University College Cork offers the following related master’s degrees:

Business Information and Analytics Systems
Cyber Risk for Business
Information System for Business
Management Information and Managerial Accounting
Design and Development of Digital Business

If you have a choice between University College Cork and Trinity College Dublin, it might be a good idea to spring for a few thousand extra euros and study at Trinity, one of the top institutions in the world not to mention a superior global brand. Trinity’s computer science is first rate.

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Trinity College Dublin is definitely worth the investment, due to the following reasons:

(1) It is one of the top ranked colleges in the world. It is definitely one of the top ranked Irish Colleges. Its global QS Ranking is 108th, while its global Times Higher Education Ranking is 164th.

(2) The fee is quite affordable compared to many American universities. While the exact prices for the course you desire is available on the website, you should also look at the scholarships available.

(3) After graduating, you will have one (definitely) to (most probably) two years to search for your dream job.

(4) The University has a good work and placement support system.

(5) There is good scope in Material Science in Ireland. The companies there offer good salaries. You can repay your fees while saving and spending money on other things, in just a couple of years.

(6) Studying Material Science from Trinity College in Ireland also holds good value in other countries popular in Material Science like the USA, China, Singapore and India.

(7) There are various job positions available in material science in Ireland, such as Process Development Engineer, Research and Development Engineer, Materials Engineer, Materials Technician, Polymer Engineer, etc.

(8) Various companies hiring in material science and related companies in Ireland, such as Hollister Incorporated, ScientificJobs, Aerogen Ltd, RFT Group, etc.

I want to pursue Masters in computer science from Ireland. Which university should I choose - UCD or TCD? should I give priority to college or to the course?

You should always give priority to the course. The college name will only help you so far, ultimately it is about the skills that you gain during your time in college. The skills to excel in your field will only come if the curriculum is such.

However, both the colleges that you have chosen are the top colleges in Ireland with good QS rankings. But if you have to compare, then TCD has a better reputation than UCD. Even the Department of Computer Science and Statistics comes under the top 100 worldwide. It is recognized for its quality of research. So, it is suitable if you want to pursue a Ph.D. The college allows you to specialize in one of the four technical strands - Data Science, Intelligence Systems, Future Networks, and Augmented and Virtual Reality. It is a one year course. I think this brochure is sure to help you MSc in Computer Science

Coming to UCD, the college offers a curriculum that will prepare you for the industry and jobs. The college boasts about the largest computer science department in Ireland and has a good employability rate of students. The Department of Computer science also offers many programs such as -

MSc Computer Science (Conversion) and MSc Computer Science (Conversion) Information is for students who had their primary degree in another discipline such as Arts or Commerce.

MSc Computer Science (Negotiated Learning), MSc Computer Science (Negotiated Learning) Information, and MSc Computer Science (Negotiated Learning) Module Themes are for students who have a primary degree in Computer science or a related field.

Go for the university whose curriculum prepares you for your future goals.