Is stuttering an issue?

I’m gearing up for the IELTS, but I’ve got this stuttering issue that’s been with me forever. It’s not anxiety—I even stutter when I’m talking to myself or in the mirror. Had it since I was a kid, and speech therapy only worked for a bit.

I know I can’t skip the speaking part, but I’m curious how much my stutter will mess with my score. Any tips?


I think IDP ielts help in this case.

Try reaching out to the IDP ielts administration way before your exam, maybe they can arrange something for you.

If not, if you can inform the examiner and take some kind of certificate from a doctor, he/she won’t examine you based on stuttering.

In my opinion, IELTS is quite fair exam that judges you only on the quality of your English, nothing else.

All the best.