Is Pace University worth the money?

Is Pace University worth the money??

I believe it is. Although any college is worth the money, if you use any and all the resources it offers to it’s students. I went to Pace and did NOT use all the resources possible (I did’t know about them at the time) and I believe I would have been better off had I know about such resources as the career center. It is the only thing I regret about going to Pace. To be honest, you can go to any college expensive or not and it will be “worth” what you make it! Take advantage of scholarships, I ended up choosing Pace over the other schools I go into because even though it was the most expensive, they gave me the most money that wouldn’t have to be paid back. I was exposed to a lot of different people that I honestly believe I would never have been exposed to otherwise to such a degree (Black, white, hispanic, asian, gay, many different types of individuals from the LGBTQ community, etc.). I believe going to Pace gave me a better view of the life and the world. If you plan on going into Business or Acting (I know two totally ends of the spectrum), Pace is especially good. It has an amazing program in both and excellent Profs. I went with Economics and they have the most amazing profs and a great exposure to people in the finance and economic business because of their great work in the Fed Challenge (of which they consistently do well and have won).