Is MS in Engineering Management Abroad Worth it if you are Already Earning well in India | GyanDhan

Up for analysis in yet another article under our “Is it Worth Studying Abroad if You are Already Earning Well in India?” series is the financial worth of doing an MS in Engineering Management abroad. We have already covered four Master’s degrees in this series - Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Material Science, Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Aerospace and if you wish to assess the benefits of doing an MS in these courses, you could visit the links given. But if you are working in a technical field and feeling dissatisfied with your salary, job location, and are tired of your second-string role in the organization, or are simply looking to upgrade your skills to give your career that extra edge, a master’s degree in Engineering Management (MEM) is the way forward for you. However, the question up for debate is if an MS in Engineering Management abroad worth it if you are already earning well in India? You will be in a better position to make the right decision for your career after going through this article. Let’s begin!

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