Is MS in Computer Science Abroad Worth It If You Are Already Earning Well in India? | GyanDhan

Computer Science is one of the most popular subjects in India, and an increasing number of students have been seen opting for it. In the year 2016 alone, the total number of male students who graduated in computer science in India was 813000, while 792000 female students graduated in Computer Science Engineering in the same year. A large number of students studying computer science can be attributed to the fact that this field promises a high-flying career and a well-paid job. This lure of a bright career also motivates many Indian students to pursue an MS in Computer Science from abroad. Most students who aspire to study abroad assume that it will open up a plethora of job opportunities after MS in Computer Science and provide them with the maximum global exposure. However, is that really the case? Let us take a look. If you are such a student who has been mulling over whether to quit your well-paying job and head abroad to study MS, then read ahead to know if it is worth it. For the benefit of our readers, we will take up the top four best places to study MS in Computer Science - U.S, Australia, Canada, UK, and Germany - and help them understand if it is worth quitting their job to study an MS in CS at these countries.

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